I have recently started listening to podcasts in the morning as a way to get my days started and feel motivated.  There are three stations that have really grabbed my attention and give me the drive and inspiration I need to move forward in my career and be true to myself as an entrepreneur.  Whether you are a business owner, blogger or you are just trying to find direction in your career, here are 3 podcasts every entrepreneur should listen to:


Brand Ambition with Valerie Howard is a great station to tune into if you are a budding entrepreneur or have an online business of any kind.  She provides valuable tips and advice on how to successfully market your brand and grown your business.  For me, listening to Valerie is far more engaging and absorbable than reading about marketing online.



#Girlboss Radio is by far my favorite station to listen to.  I have had a crazy girl crush on Sophia Amoruso ever since I read her book #Girlboss and love that she has worked extremely hard to build her brand from the ground up.  Sophia is not only smart and innovative, she is relatable which makes success seem more obtainable to me.  Be a #girlboss and listen to #girlboss radio.



Glambition Radio with Ali Brown.  To be perfectly honest, I saw the title “Glambition” when I was googling around for podcasts and thought “Yep!”  Ali Brown is engaging and chooses incredible guests to come on her show who share their climb to success.  Ali also talks about her own story here and there which is equally as interesting as the people she is interviewing.

Let me know what your favorite Podcasts are and how you find your inspiration and motivation.

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