If you are like most brides,  finding the perfect vendor for your wedding can be a bit overwhelming.  Being that I am a wedding professional as well as a newlywed, I wanted to help make the hunt for your dream vendor a little easier.  Below are 7 questions you need to ask your wedding vendors.


wedding planning binder


1. Where can I see examples of your work?

Never, never, never hire a wedding pro without seeing examples their work first.  Never!  I know that it may seem easy to hire a vendor based on a trusted referral from your friend but the fact is, everybody has a different vision in their mind.  Your friend’s vision may be different from yours which in return means that vendor may not be exactly what you want.  Look at portfolios and ask to see a website of their work.  In this day in age, ALL vendors should have a website if they have a legitimate business.


2. Where can I read reviews from your previous clients?

When it comes to finding the person you are going to trust handle wedding day tasks and details, reviews are like gold.  There are so many resources for finding reviews with the biggest being Google, The Knot and Wedding Wire.  Use these tools to see what previous clients have said and check their ratings.  Did they give 5 stars?  Did people mention that the vendor showed up on time if not early?  These are really important facts that you need to know in order to reduce you stress and activity the day of the wedding.


3. Do you travel on-location the day of the wedding?

For some categories (photographer, wedding planner, caterer) this is a given but for categories such as hair, makeup, and the cake maker, you need to ask this question.  As a makeup artist, people appreciate that I travel on-location the day of the wedding because I am reducing their risk of falling behind on the wedding day timeline.  Also, it is one less place they have to go or thing to worry about the day of the wedding.


4. Do you provide a trial run?

If the answer is yes, your next question should be “Is the trial included in the wedding pricing you provided”.  Trial runs are a great way to see how you are going to like your makeup,  what hair style you are going with, how you will place your veil, what color to paint your nails, and once again, will cut down on the chance of disrupting your timeline.  In my opinion, if you are having a service done, a trial run is a must!


5. What packages do you offer?

Many vendors will offer pricing packages.  Photographers will make packages based on the number of hours you need them and add-ons like photo albums and large picture prints.  Makeup and hair will discount based on how many people are using their services.  I often give the bride a discount if she has 2 or more bridesmaids using my services as well.  Most pro’s have packages so do not be afraid to ask!


6. Can I schedule a consultation before I book your services?

Get to know your vendors, talk to them and see if they can make your wedding day vision become a reality.  Consultations are different from trial runs.  Trials are when you actually try out the service.  A consultation is when you meet with your vendor and piece together the plan you need for them to execute.  I suggest meeting in person, bringing any ideas you have (even if you aren’t totally sure exactly what you want) and seeing if you work well with that particular professional.


7. What do you require to secure my wedding?

This is arguably one of the most important steps.  There are so many businesses out there that I like to call “wedding factories”.  They mass market, have a large team of people and try to book as many weddings as possible.  I kid you not, some of these companies will collect contracts, book the weddings with the biggest party requiring their services and send the leftover contracts and deposits back to the people they did not book.  The next thing you know, it is a month before your wedding and you have to scramble to book a vendor you though you booked months ago.  I cannot tell you how many brides have booked me last minute because they found out their makeup artist/hair stylist never secured their wedding date.  Can you imagine?!  My tip is to make sure you carefully read the entire contract, send in your deposit and ask for a payment receipt and call to confirm that your wedding has been booked.  It may seem tedious but I promise it will give you peace of mind.


Are you getting married?  Let me know what qualities you look for when hiring a professional for your big day.