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After realizing that my coffee table was looking a little drab, I decided to put on my D.I.Y. hat and make a lovely centerpiece.  I like to do my crafting on a budget so I headed to the most wallet-friendly place I could think of; The Dollar Store!  I was able to find the white rocks and glass jars there which if purchased anywhere else, would have been the most expensive pieces in my display. The twine and white Ikea plate were things that I just had lying around in my craft closet unused and the succulents were purchased at Home Depot for $3 each.


I started by laying a few layers of rocks on the bottom of the jar so that my succulent would sit at the height that I wanted.


Next, I filled in the rocks around the pots containing the succulents until they were just over the rim of the jar.


Using the twine, I wrapped a few long pieces around each jar and tied the ends into a knot.  The ends were then cut to a length that I liked.


Lastly, I placed each jar on my white Ikea plate which I found in their candle section (though I have used it as a serving tray before).  The succulents were a great subtle pop of color that will bring life to my sweet little coffee table. I may recreate this look in my kitchen as well except replace the plants with candles.  SO romantic!


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