Lately things have been very busy between work and life. I was fortunate enough to have a good number of makeup gigs this past week but I knew that I needed to also take time to spend some quality time with my family. Friday I worked a wedding out in Rome, Georgia but had time afterwards to pick up a couple of pumpkins for Olive and start making my house feel as good as the weather outside. Fall is in the air and it is the absolute best time of year.

Olive and I decorated the inside of the house for fall and the outside of the house for Halloween. I had hoped to get all of this done a couple of weeks ago and am happy we made time to finally do it. Miss O was a wonderful little helper and after decorating a few pumpkins, we were fully in the fall spirit. Now that we have that done, the next best thing we can do is drive up to North Georgia and visit an apple house!

If you aren’t familiar with Georgia, the North Georgia mountains and towns are absolutely magical. The air is so clean, the landscape is beautiful and you can find some pretty fantastic apple houses and vineyards. We had a three-year-old with us so we skipped the vineyards and went straight to an apple orchard where we could actually pick our own apples. I had seen BJ Reece Orchards on social media but that is one place I had never actually been to before. I’m so glad we decided to take a day trip there as it was the perfect one-stop-shop for the family. They had huge sprawling orchards, tractor rides, a bouncy pillow for the kids, pig races, a petting zoo and gorgeous mountain scenery.

It was the perfect day and one that I hope Olive will always remember as a special childhood memory with her mom and dad. I know Ian and I will always remember this beautiful fall day in the mountains with our daughter. There really was nothing more we could ask for. It was a really good weekend.