For months now, I have been dying to take Olive to the beach for the first time.  My parents were getting away for a few weeks and heading to Murrells Inlet, South Carolina so I decided to take Olive there for a few days.  Unfortunately, Ian had to work and couldn’t come with us so I also ended up taking Olive on her first flight as well.  When I tell you that it was a bad flight…I’m talking next level, everything that could go wrong, did, bad, bad flight. Going there wasn’t the worst but the flight back to Atlanta reduced me to tears.  Let me explain.


The Flight

Olive was tired and in a bad mood because the flight was interfering with her early afternoon nap.  I tried to make a bottle for her to drink as we took off so her ears would pop but quickly realized, I FORGOT THE NIPPLE!  I realized this as I was shaking the bottle (which had a lid on it) and formula flew everywhere.  So solid food was the next logical thing.  Well, right when we took off, Olive threw the spoon which quickly made its way to the back of the plane.  Then, screaming and crying for the entire flight.  Literally, as soon as the plane landed and slowed down, a flight attendant ran back to my seat saying, “Oh my gosh, what is happening!?”  We tried giving Olive a little water and putting cold cloths on her face because she was hot and bright red from the tantrum.  You guys…it was awful.


The Beach

Luckily, this all happened after a great few days.  While we were in Murrells Inlet, we had a wonderful time.  Olive didn’t really understand what she was looking at when showed her the ocean and she didn’t know how to react to water rushing back and forth over her feet.  It was still so cool to see her take it all in.  Sand was a different story.  She loved the sand.  We gave her a little bucket and shovel which she immediately correctly used (because she’s a genius) and loved.  We also had a little cart that we pulled her around in and she got a kick out of that.

My uncle lives near the same beach, so we spent time with him, went to restaurants, did some shopping and even spontaneously had a photographer meet us to capture this time in her life.  It was wonderful and I’m so happy that I got to spend this time with my parents.  I cannot wait to do it again but maybe for the sake of self-preservation, we will opt to drive to the beach!