autumn home decor

The holidays are in full swing and even though my husband and I are preparing to move to our dream house at the end of December, decorating for Christmas was a must.  Spending the holidays with loved ones is the most exciting thing you could possibly do and creating a warm atmosphere for people to gather makes it that much more comforting.  I wanted to make our apartment as cozy and charming as possible while maintaining a clean and simple look.  Here is an album of our holiday decor this year.



I recently purchased a watering can and faux grass as a decoration for our short television table in the living room and thought it would be cute to wrap the grass in lights.  The delicate string lights add a warm touch to the arrangement and the battery pack is easily concealed within the can.  Thanks to our two curious kitties, I poured river rocks into the can as well which works as a weight and also holds the grass in place.  Our white pumpkins from Halloween still match the seasonal look and a few wooden animals in front add a modern outdoor touch to the overall feel of this piece.



Chargers can be used for so many different things and I often like to use them for table decorations.  It is easy to clutter a centerpiece so I like to stick to three items max per charger.  It is also more interesting to the eye when there are varying heights and elements.  I kept the main focus on the flowers which are simple and added pieces of dried wheat to break up the bulk. For my two other elements, I used one of my cute little wooden animals and a miniature holiday-scented candle.



christmas wreath

Indoor wreaths are a new favorite for me.  I somehow never thought about doing this in the past but decorating the front door on the inside adds so much charm.  Staying in my neutral/white theme, I found this beautiful wreath at Michaels Craft Store.  The great thing about this wreath is that it could also be used for a table centerpiece.  All I would need to do is place it on the table with a table runner and put a few pillar candles in the center.  Multifunctional is the name of the game, friends!

pinecone centerpiece

More natural elements.  I don’t know why but I love pinecones.  These pinecones, in particular, are great because they smell like cinnamon!  I also have a few (not shown in this picture) that I lightly dusted with gold spray paint and have used to decorate my home.  The strand of lights in the bowl have a brown cord so when I mixed it in with the pinecones, you cannot see the cord at all.  A few pieces of raffia mixed in give it a more interesting winter feel.


diy wreath

More wreaths! This is one that I made last Christmas with odds and ends I found in my craft drawer.  The plain twig wreath was purchased at our local Dollar Store,  I spray painted a few feathers gold, glued decorative pieces together and finished this piece off with a gold ribbon.  The entire project took maybe an hour and it turned out great!

eucalyptus garland

eucalyptus garland

Lastly, my pride and joy which for some reason I could not photograph in a way that showcased its charm…but you get the idea. *wink*

Eucalyptus is such a cool plant to work with.  Its oil smells amazing and when the plant dries out, the leaves barely lose color and will not turn brown.  Making this garland was a bit of a task but well worth it in the end.  One thing to know is eucalyptus has a ton of oil and when you get it on your fingers, it is like glue.  I wired branches and leaves together until the garland was the length I desired.  Next, I used a gold garland which was another great find at Michaels, and wrapped it around my eucalyptus garland.  A few command hooks later, it now frames our large floor to ceiling windows where the Chrismas tree now lives.  So cute!


Materials Used

Cinnamon scented pinecones and Raffia from Michaels

Battery operated Lights from Target (find comparable lights here)

Wreath from Michaels

Grass and Watering Can from Ikea

Wooden Animals from Target

Battery Powered String Lights from Amazon

Pumpkins from my local grocery store

Holiday Spruce Soy Candle from Target

Gold Charger from Hobby Lobby

Flowers, dried wheat and vase from Fresh Market



How have you decorated your home for the holidays?  Let me know in the comments below.  I love seeing how other people create their holiday feelz!