Ian and I finally put our house on the market this past week and wanted to have our families over one last time to celebrate the men we love the most.  Our Dads!  Being that my husband loves to cook and is insanely good at it, Ian dazzled us with a delicious spread of food while I did what I love.  Decorating and creating the right mood for the day.  It doesn’t take much to get a good vibe going in the house when having people over so I wanted to share a few of the tricks for how to celebrate father’s day.



This is an easy way of adding character to your home when entertaining and having a sit down meal.  Being that we have now entered the beginning of Summer, I wanted to add a touch of color with natural elements.  The flowers, burlap ribbon and glass bowls were purchased at the Dollar Tree and the mismatched glass jars were found at Target.  I added in a few limes and green apples for a clean pop of color and bam! The entire tablescape was done for around $10!


Summer Tablescape



Music is KEY for setting the mood at gatherings.  For a beautiful and sunny Sunday, I turned on Slim Smith Radio which is one of my favorite reggae stations on Pandora.  There is nothing like laid back island music to loosen up the crowd on such a gorgeous day.

Small Bites

Plain and simple, everybody loves a small bite. My rule of thumb for a small bite is that it should be something easy to eat and small enough that it can be eaten in two bites.  This may seem unusual but hear me out.  When people are socializing and chatting with each other, they are going to want finger foods that can be eaten without making a mess while mingling.  I will admit, despite my lack of talent in the kitchen, I threw together mini BLT bites and a tasty watermelon salad that were pretty killer.  I have been patting myself on the back for this small victory.


BLT Bites

BLT Bites:
Iceberg Lettuce
Cherry Tomato
Turkey Bacon
Blue Cheese Dressing (lightly drizzled)
Blue Cheese Crumbles


Drink Station

To refresh and hydrate, I put together a water station.  Depending on the event, beverage choices can vary but I love a good water station.  Flat, sparkling and infused waters are always a safe bet when you have a crowd over to your house.  My dad loves his sparkling water and mom sipped our lemon, basil, cucumber infused water in this beautiful Martha Stewart dispenser.



Water Bar

– Filtered Water
– San Pellegrino
– Filtered Water with Sliced Cucumber, Lemon and Basil


Make sure to give your father a huge hug when you see him.  My dad is my favorite guy and made me who I am today.  After many prayers, I am blessed to have such a lovely father-in-law as well.  I really lucked out with this beautiful family of mine.


Fathers Day - Amanda and Fathers


Fathers Day - Ian and Fathers