Several of my friends had told me about an amazing fashion exhibit at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art and said it was a must see.  Being that the exhibition only had two days left and I had just received my High membership card, I decided I needed to jet over to the museum to check it out ASAP.  An impromptu trip turned into an impromptu girls afternoon when my mom and sister agreed to join me to see the work of Iris Van Herpen.

iris van herpen wall

Iris Van Herpen is an innovative Dutch fashion designer now based in Amsterdam who has made her mark by using unusual materials and methods for piecing together her jaw dropping garments.  From dresses made of motorcycle chains, umbrella wires, resin molded with metal and magnets to (…wait for it…) 3D printed dressed resembling bone, wood and even glass.  As I walked through the gallery, my mind was blown.  How could she think this up?  How could she possibly be that meticulous and detailed with her work?  It was absolutely amazing.  If you live in Atlanta and missed seeing this collection, fear not.  The High has purchased a few of Iris Van Herpen’s pieces for their permanent collection including the 3D Printed dresses.

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It was the perfect girls afternoon.