Look at my little Valentine! Olive will be 18 months old at the end of the month and OH MY GOSH she is the most amazing child. I decided to snap a few shots of her this morning before her first nap (we are still taking two naps a day) , and couldn’t help but to stop and think about how incredible this little kid is. We are definitely going through a developmental milestone at the moment and every day, there is something new that she is doing.

Tumbling Toddler

Last night before bed, Olive was playing in her room, stood up, tucked her chin to her chest and did a perfect tumble. Obviously, my first thought was that we need to sign her up for gymnastics immediately and start shopping around for the cutest leotards we can find. Olive is fearless, falling does not scare her and she loves to try new things which makes me so proud as a mama.

Flash Cards

I have had flash cards stashed away for a long time now so that when Olive was ready, I could start working with her in hopes of expanding her vocabulary. Just for fun, I pulled them out this past week and quickly learned that my little toddler knows a lot more than I initially thought. We started laying out the cards and saying “Olive, where is the ___________?” and would consistently point out the correct object. It is unreal. She is pointing out words I didn’t even realize she knew. It goes to show that a child’s mind is a sponge and (deep breath) they are always listening to what we say.

I cannot wait to see where she is at with her development next year and I know we can look forward to having our minds blown in the coming months as Olive continues to grow, learn and develop. It’s just the coolest thing.