baby announcement

After Ian and I got married this past March, we started talking about growing our family and trying for our first child.  For months we talked, planned and prepared ourselves so we could be in the best possible situation to support a baby.  Somehow, even with all of the planning and trying, we were completely shocked when we found out I was pregnant.

We learned the good news about a week and a half before Christmas and to say this was the best Christmas present ever is an understatement.  Getting the news and then telling our family was something I will always remember.  Actually, I also have a video that I secretly took when I told my husband the big news and I’m so glad I did that!  I decided I would not share our video on the blog because it was such an amazing moment between the two of us but I included a screenshot below of his face when he figured out what I was trying to tell him. *swoon*

How I Told My Husband

Ever since our first Christmas together, Ian and I had decided that we would get an ornament every year that was special to us and represented our year or what was happening in our life at that time.  We still had not found the right ornament for 2016 and it was getting closer and closer to Christmas.  I took a pregnancy test (pregnancy strip) one morning before Ian left for work and it looked like it might have been positive but wasn’t very clear.  I found a digital test in my bathroom and ended up taking it about five minutes after Ian left for work that morning.  HOLY GEEZ!  IT’S POSITIVE!!

After a full blown panic attack (just being real, people) I collected myself, made an appointment with my OBGYN and spent the next few hours trying to decide what to do.  Should I text Ian?  Call him?  Go to his work?  AHH!!  Finally, I thought about our Christmas ornament.  This would be the perfect way to tell him and get our special ornament.  I’m a genius!  At this point, I couldn’t collect my thoughts enough to figure our where you buy ornaments.  I went to a department store and they only had baby ornaments by gender.  That’s not going to work but I bought one just in case.  After getting home and deciding I absolutely hated this big blue baby ornament, I thought about one of those Things Remembered stores at the mall.  I headed back out and once I got there, I knew I found THE ornament.  Silver baby booties which included a silver tag that could be engraved with the year.  It’s perfect!

Now I had to wait.  Naturally, this night of all nights was when Ian decided to get a haircut after work and stop somewhere to pick up dinner.  I. Was. Dying.  Desperately, I tried to play it cool but ended up sending him about a dozen text messages asking when he was coming home.  Finally, a few hours later than I had expected, he walked through the door.  I asked him to close his eyes and sit on the couch because I had a surprise.  Because I make a big deal out of everything, this wasn’t anything unusual coming from me.  Quickly, I set up the camera, hit record and put the booties behind my back.  “Ok, open your eyes.” *the second panic attack of the day was starting*

“I think I found the perfect ornament for us this year” and handed him the booties.  As soon as the lightbulb went on, I pulled out the hard evidence.  The stick…in a plastic bag of course.  We screamed, we jumped, we cried and we both had to sit on the floor because our bodies stopped working.  We’re going to be parents!

the moment i told him. oh baby!

The moment I told him

when we told our parents. oh baby!

Right after we gave my parents the big news

Now, to be real, my first trimester was absolute hell and something I never want to experience again.  Many women feel nauseous and a little icky at the beginning.  Me?  NOPE!  It was worse.  I won’t even get into what all went down but let me just tell you, the first trimester is nature’s way of punishing you for being loving enough to create another human.  Sheesh!

Pregnancy is a crazy rollercoaster and there seems to be something new happening every day whether it is a change in my body or learning new ways to take care of myself and our unborn baby.  Because I was never a “baby person” before this and am clueless to all things pregnancy related, I have been learning so many tips and tricks as I go through this crazy time in my life.  I will keep you posted on what I am doing and how the baby is over the next few months.  This is going to be fun!!

// Due Date //

August 21, 2017

// Gender //

It’s a girl!!  Thanks to the Harmony blood test, we learned the sex of the baby at just 12 weeks!

// Name //

Olive Gaenssley <3