Baby toes

We are moving along smoothly!  Earlier today, Olive was moved from Cardiac Intensive Care to the Cardiac Stepdown Unit.  Her chest tube was removed, as well as the IV in her neck, groin and foot which should make her much more comfortable.  For pain management, the nurses have given her doses of morphine but believe that it is no longer needed as Olive has been handling the pain like a champ.  There are still a few drugs that will be administered for the pain but she will not have liquid narcotics pushed through her IV.

She is now breathing without a nasal cannula and her blood oxygen is at 100!!!  Seeing her body make numbers like that makes me tear up because it is the first time I have seen it since she was born.  We are still battling with slightly high blood pressure and will need medication but everyone we have spoken with is confident that she will be off all medications in the coming weeks.  Her little body is healing incredibly fast and at three months old, she is so much stronger than any of us.

Bedside love

First feeding

Next Step

A surgeon will come by to take a look at Olive sometime tomorrow but from the looks of it, we will be able to take our little nugget home in the next couple of days.  We will be taking a “discharge class” in the next day or two to learn how to take care of Olive in order to take her home.  Ian and I sitting in her hospital room right now watching her get an echo and feeling a burden lift off of us.  I cannot believe how much has happened in the last week but we are grateful for every bit of it.  Olive is on the road to recovery and we know that she will wear the scar on her chest like a badge of honor.



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