Olive’s bumbo

Well folks, we have great news.  Olive is out of surgery and the doctor was able to successfully repair her heart!  Other than her heart being in an awkward position, everything went smoothly and our little lady will be moved down to the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit at any time now.

Her pulmonary valve is leaking which is normal after this type of repair and it will need to be replaced in the next 15 to 20 years.  Other than that, Olive will live a normal life, be able to play sports, be active and just be a kid.  We are overjoyed and so grateful for the staff here at Children’s.

The next steps will be recovery

We expect Olive will be in CICU for the next few days and will then move to the step-down unit.  Right now she is still hooked up to a ton of machines and has chest tubes for drainage.  Those should all be removed by tomorrow morning if everything goes well.  After about a week we will go home with her and things will be relatively smooth.  We cannot pick her up under her arms at all for about a month.  Her sternum was wired shut and will take the longest to heal which will only take about a month.  Other than that, her heart and chest will only take a couple of weeks to heal which blows my mind. Babies heal so fast!

Ian and I cannot thank you enough for sending prayers, love and well wishes.  This has been a terrifying time for the entire family and today was not easy.  There were a lot of tears, tons of anxiety but also a lot of family and love.  We are so grateful for this day and for our strong little girl.  Please continue to pray for her recovery and we will continue to keep everyone updated.

Cheers, Friends!