Happy baby olive

We have a lot happening and it is happening quickly so Ian and I wanted to fill you in on Olive’s condition.

*If you do not know about her condition, click here*

This past Tuesday, Olive had a routine appointment with her cardiologist to listen to her heart, check height, weight, blood oxygen, etc.  A normal, healthy person has a blood oxygen of 100.  Because of Olive’s condition, her oxygen sits at about 90 or so.  Sometimes more, sometimes less, but usually 90 or above.  When her oxygen was checked on Tuesday, she was sitting in the mid 70’s.  The sudden drop in her numbers was concerning and we were immediately walked next door to Children’s Healthcare and admitted for observation.

After watching her numbers continue to fluctuate between the 70’s and low 90’s, the surgical team decided it was in Olive’s best interest to move forward immediately with her full open heart repair.  With that said, our little girl will be going into surgery tomorrow morning at 7am fix her heart defect and start on the road to recovery.

In a fortunate twist, we were notified that the chief of surgery here at Children’s will be preforming Olive’s repair and we feel very confident that she is in the best hands.  We will update everyone as we learn more and let you know how surgery goes.  Right now we just ask for prayers and good vibes for Olive, her surgical team and all of our family.



Baby EKG

Our baby is half robot


Special Guest here, her husband Ian.

I cannot say enough the amount of support we’ve received. Family, friends, my colleagues at BetterCloud, and even random Redditors from r/Daddit who have help put perspective on this operation. One thing that many of these people have stressed is not to forget to take care of yourselves, which is generally the absolute last thing on your mind when something is wrong with your child. Obviously sleep is not easy to come by at a time like this, but that’s dad’s job to keep the family on track and make sure we’re not neglecting ourselves. Olive is in the absolute best possible care. I cannot stress enough how amazing the people who work here are; it takes a very special kind of person to be around these kids all day and still be as bright and helpful as they are. We will make sure when Olive is old enough to appreciate it, she knows everything they’ve done to try to make her happy and comfortable.

Dad and olive

Dad and olive

Olive with her mom