How has it already been 6 months?!  My sweet little girl came into this world like a tornado and she is the strongest little human being that I know.  We have had high highs and low lows but good Lord, I have loved every second of being her mom.  I wish things could slow down but at the same time, I cannot wait to see what kind of little person she is going to turn into.

She’s 6 Months Old

  • Belly laughs every day
  • She loves to watch people drink out of cups. Like…LOVES it.
  • Starting to make the “Ma” sound
  • Rolls all over the house and keeping us on our toes
  • Likes to flex her baby muscles and scream at the same time so we know how buff she is
  • LOVES eating her green vegetables and there has not been a fruit or vegetable so far that she has not liked
  • 3 months post-op and absolutely thriving
  • Such a chunky baby that food gets stuck in her wrist and neck fat (so cute)
  • Will caugh when she is being dramatic and then starts laughing because she has no poker face

I love you, Olive.